Jam Sessions @ The Camp House

September 24, 2011 in Posts

Well tonight was a great night!

The Camp House had an event called “Jam Sessions” again and we had an amazing display of musical talent. D’Maestro played 4-5 songs and totally killed it! Then Phillippia rocked the house till the Cops came *literally*. I’m hoping to get some multi-track mixing done for the show to post of here as examples of multi-track capability of The Camp House (The music venue i run sound at). Anyways… More Mixing on Briar Cox’s album tomorrow. 1 EP has all 1st mixes done… 6 songs to go.

On a Side note… I replaced my old laptop which I have been using for mixing for the last year… WOW! So glad I did it.  The system is a Dell Vostro 3750: 17.3 inch screen, i7 quad core, 8 gbs ram, 7200RPM 500gb HDD, with an Express card slot so I can get a firewire card to do all my recording and mixing.  I did stress tests on the unit and it is a little over 8 times as fast as my old laptop… And about 30% faster then my Desktop rig…  Mobile rig just got a major upgrade!

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