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Demo reel is now setup!

February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey There!

check out the demo reel. It has some artists from around the USA that I’ve done some studio work for as well as video production. I’m excited that I’ve gotten a few songs and videos together to share with potential clients.


Jonny Ginese

Live Session from The Camp House featuring Shane Morrow

December 20, 2011 in Posts

The Camp House recently had an awesome holiday themed event featuring Shane Morrow and The Creative Devine.  Shane has requested that Red Sneaker Records do the Mixing for the show for a Live release for the amazing group of singers!

Release Date TBD

Mike Mic from Chattanooga, TN

December 20, 2011 in Posts

A local artist by the name of Mike Mic has asked Red Sneaker Records to do some mixing for his upcoming Hip-Hop projects.  Keep and ear out for some awesome beats and lyrics from a guy with an amazing flow.

Briar Cox returns with his revisions!

October 1, 2011 in Featured Posts, Posts

Wow.. I’m surprised at how quick he got back to me on this.  I’m excited to get working on these revisions.

Briar’s general thoughts were that he loved everything.  Obviously every artist is going to have little things here and there that they would prefer louder or quieter, so these revisions are totally expected.  Keep in mind that I sent him 11 songs to do revisions for on 3 days ago.  You can tell when an artist actually cares about what he is doing when they responds this quickly.

Anyways, Looks like there will be some album teasers up on his Facebook soon enough to catch a little snippet listen.

Briar Cox’s Album is on the way!

September 28, 2011 in Posts

Just finished up all the first mixes for Briar Cox’s  2 upcoming EP’s and Single.  Things are sounding very good and I feel like a few of the tracks have radio/mainstream potential!   I’m looking forward to finishing them all up.  Its unclear at this point if I will be doing the final masters for the album or if he will be sending the mixes off to a mastering studio.  As with all my projects, I will be sending out masters for every track, If Briar decides to use them then he is free to do so at no extra charge.

It will probably take awhile to get revisions done for 11 songs but I will keep the site updated on the progress of the album.

Filming @ The Camp House

September 28, 2011 in Featured Posts, Posts

Last night we has a special opportunity to have a film crew come in to The Camp House and shoot the Worship band that plays on Sundays. The band name is Evensong Rising and is a national recording artist.  The footage will be in an upcoming documentary about Anglicanism.  During the filming of the event I was responsible for recording all of the audio taking place.  I’m excited to see how the film comes out and sounds.  The band did an awesome job as always with there performance… So its up to the person mixing it to let the magic happen.

The Videographer was TK McKamy and his Vimeo page is here.  He has done a lot of music videos and had a documentary which won a recent film festival… Check him out!

D’Maestro from Atlanta

September 27, 2011 in Featured Posts, Posts

D’Maestro from Atlanta contacted me recently about using the stems I engineered and tracked at The Camp House last Friday.  If used they will be featured as his backing tracks when a band cannot be supplied.  This would be an awesome setup for any performer since the tracks were recorded Live at a sold out concert; This way the music has all the live energy missing from most studio backing tracks.  I’m excited that a little piece of Red Sneaker Records and The Camp House will be traveling around the country with D’Maestro.

This man is an awesome performer and I hope to have at least one of these tracks up here as an example of my live engineering/tracking/mixing abilities.  His new album has recently released with the titled “Sanity” which can be found here.

Jam Sessions @ The Camp House

September 24, 2011 in Posts

Well tonight was a great night!

The Camp House had an event called “Jam Sessions” again and we had an amazing display of musical talent. D’Maestro played 4-5 songs and totally killed it! Then Phillippia rocked the house till the Cops came *literally*. I’m hoping to get some multi-track mixing done for the show to post of here as examples of multi-track capability of The Camp House (The music venue i run sound at). Anyways… More Mixing on Briar Cox’s album tomorrow. 1 EP has all 1st mixes done… 6 songs to go.

On a Side note… I replaced my old laptop which I have been using for mixing for the last year… WOW! So glad I did it.  The system is a Dell Vostro 3750: 17.3 inch screen, i7 quad core, 8 gbs ram, 7200RPM 500gb HDD, with an Express card slot so I can get a firewire card to do all my recording and mixing.  I did stress tests on the unit and it is a little over 8 times as fast as my old laptop… And about 30% faster then my Desktop rig…  Mobile rig just got a major upgrade!

Briar Cox’s upcoming album!

September 16, 2011 in Posts

I was recently flown out to NY to record Briar Cox for a week.  We managed to track 2 EP’s and a single.  Musical instrumentation ranged from an acoustic and a vocal to a full band with 48-50 tracks.  After a really fun and productive week we finished up right around 50 hrs… Not bad considering I landed on a Monday at 1pm and was doing scratch tracks that evening… Every day after that was pretty much filled with 8-10 hrs of recording all the way up to the Saturday at 2pm… And then I got to the airport to leave for home at 4pm that same day.  To all the musicians involved with the project… It was a joy!

I’ve been taking the project a little slower then I would have liked because of computer limitations and editing… I decided to get a new laptop that I will be switching over to ASAP.   I hope to have all 1st mixes done before the end of September.

Hello Chattanooga! Client List will be growing soon!

August 15, 2011 in Featured Posts, Posts

Red Sneaker Records has recently moved to Chattanooga, TN. I’ve whipped my client list from back in NY and I’m starting over. I have linked clients that I’ve worked with since moving to Chattanooga, TN on the right side.  I hope to grown that list as fast as possible.  Expect to see lots of Live recordings from The Camp House which I will mix in the studio.  I still don’t have a facility to record in but my rig is totally mobile so I can go to any practice space or house/apartment and get the tracking done with out a problem.

I look forward to any projects I’ll be a part of in the future!  I’ve been busy with remote mixing but local clients will be very nice to have.